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Precision tooling for unique surface quality

Quality tooling – complex part geometries – electroforming – cost effectiveness – smooth project management

Fichtner & Schicht – the next generation form

Uniquely designed surfaces based on sophisticated tool moulds which make allowances for the complex geometry of the part guarantee high precision moulding and regarding durability and profitability make an impression. We can reflect on more than 4 decades of sound and demanding workmanship in tool mould making.

At the same time our indefatigable commitment ensures that we get the balance of innovation and Progress right in our workmanship. Besides nickel based tool moulds for renowned companies from the automotive branch we also make erosion protection profiles for well-known companies in the aviation industry.

Our customers have long been based on our expertise

Certified know-how for seamless leading edge solution

Highest quality level results in a benchmarking aviation market position

Feasibility analysis – specific CAD-data – electroforming – surface treatment – blasting & primer application

Technical perfection with an holistic approach

The core element and technological platform in this context is our electroforming with 30 nickel high performance baths for a total capacity of over 200 tool moulds of various dimensions. Every enquiry undergoes a feasibility study and the whole process from the start until delivery is checked in minute detail.

We achieve real savings potential through our holistic service: model making according to customer specific CAD data record, electroforming, manual machining right through to the delivery of the finished tool or the complete tool system for direct use in the production process.

And an additional benefit: we accompany the fitting of the tool in your production facility so that a smooth start of the series is guaranteed.

Reference list of our customers in the aviation industry

Electroforming with 30 high performance nickel bathes

Production of up to 200 different molds and about 15.000 erosion protection sheaths per year

Classic tooling – erosion protection sheaths for rotor-blades – highest quality standards