Slush tools with peripheral equipment

To increase the variety of applications we develop slush tool moulds for the manufacture of exclusive PVC slush skins for automobile interiors which excel in freedom of design, weldability and soldering ability. Contrary to spraying tools, these tool moulds are exposed to extreme stresses in the series process, for example alternating the heat up to temperatures of around 300°C and subsequent cooling. Therefore, our engineering team attaches great importance to maximum durability with minimum wear. Our holistic approach includes the coordination of the CAD data, the engineering and the construction of customised models, the electroforming and the subsequent manual machining right through to delivering a complete tool system as slush equipment (tool frame, powder box, seal plate also out of aluminium, multicoloured masks).

Flexible tool systems which adapt to produce accurate contours

The individual components are adapted to the individual contour of the slush tool so that a contour-aligned gasket can be guaranteed. Depending on the field of use we also manufacture the powder box and adapter plate in one element. These can be made optionally from cast aluminium or steel or an aluminium-welding design. Flexibility is a key priority for us: thus, with our expertise we can design and manufacture the tool systems for all known slush facilities on the market. For a smooth start to SOP we coordinate the start-up of the tool with our customers.

Pure efficiency – turning old into new

And another plus: we re-engineer your existing slush tool systems so that they can be used for many different types of facilities or other project applications. This applies to the re-use of slush equipment for other projects as well as for the modification of existing slush tools on other types of facilities.