Additional application fields

Design-critical components with sustainable stability

Electroforming is also an economically and technically demanding manufacturing method in the field of design-critical components for producing high-tensile, polishable components in all geometries for aviation. We achieve maximum load and durability by our metal alloys and we realise many different shapes, for example mounts for navigation lights.

Hereby we combine shape and function perfectly. The durability of our NiCo alloy allows us to produce high-tensile spinner domes which are characterized by their long service life. Being able to bear maximum loads and simultaneously having a perfect look is guaranteed by the polished surfaces. The galvanic manufacturing process achieves optimum material distribution and low inherent stress.

The material does not display any brittle strain which could occur for example during the deep drawing or forming process.

Assembly facilities – manufacturing intelligently

Our manufacturing facilities enable us to create safe, ergonomic workplaces for our customers’ production workers. Our assembly facilities are equipped with sensor technology, which recognises components (capacitively, inductively, optically), and a rotation system for processing the component on both sides. Maximum process reliability is achieved by visualising operating instructions for the production workers.

The additional extra in automation is attained by our assembly facilities with SPS control, extraction devices, a RFID scanner for component recognition, an integrated screw system including controlled torque, as well as individual manual tools or auxiliary tools. This creates a significant advantage for our customers: higher efficiency and transparency in processes.