DRJ end mill holders (Drill Jigs / Templates)

As a supplement to the laminating facilities – in our product portfolio for many decades – our customers receive the design of customer specific end mill holders as well, so-called DRJs (drill rooting jigs).

They are used by our customers in the final machining of parts made in the laminating facility. Herewith we offer our customers the construction of complete tools for a further part of their integral process chain. Combining manufacturing steps judiciously completes our performance portfolio expediently so that complete process chains can be covered in the area of laminating facilities: from designing bath models according to customer specific data to the galvanic manufacture of laminating facilities as well as the creation of DRJs to the final machining of the parts out of the laminating facility.

For our customer this means saving the need for further tools for the process as well as saving costs in administration and logistics and creating a higher transparency in process monitoring.