Erosion protection profiles – Comprehensive service

As per our holistic approach we deliver our erosion protection profiles to you as readyto-use custom-made parts.

We design the tools in accordance with your individual CAD data record and advise you already in this important phase on longer part durability and efficiency in the manufacturing process.

All required tools for this are milled on our CNC controlled machining facilities and subsequently polished. They then undergo a dimensional tolerance test. Finally, we measure the tools tactilely or optically (GOM).

In sequence the galvanic moulding follows which is then rounded off with our surface machining. This deburrs the profiles and gives them an even polish.

Furthermore, with the manual machining we can focus on optimizing the wall thickness. For a smooth adhesion process the inner sides of the profiles are abrasive-blasted resulting in a roughened surface thus optimizing the adhesive surface for the primer applied afterwards. This again serves as a primer coat for secure, optimum adhesion to the rotor/propeller blade.

Precision work as a complete package
Precision work as a complete package