Erosion protection profiles and angled fittings

Our galvanically produced erosion protection profiles are assembled, inter alia, on rotor and propeller blades as well as on wing edges or turbine intakes. They are based on a nickel/cobalt alloy which gives us a lot of room to maneuver in the engineering of individual requirement profiles. For example, in the distribution of the wall thickness and in the intelligent use of materials. A thicker coat is generated where erosion occurs and in all other places, we use material carefully to conserve resources, to guarantee maximum stability and at the same time to manufacture cost-effectively. With around 15,000 erosion protection profiles manufactured annually and over 30 years of expertise we have become the worldwide leading supplier in this segment.

The benefits in an overview

  • Optimum alloy composition to achieve the required mechanical properties
  • Even microstructure, also in areas of varying wall thickness
  • Realization of individual geometries (also producible in light rear segments
    with varying wall thickness)
  • Long service life against all known demands of erosion strain
  • Good adhesion of the part with the rotor propellor blade
  • Low tension
  • Our solid nickel alloy shows a ductile, plastic deformation without any brittle fractures

Efficiency and durability in series production