Laminating tools

Besides the series production of erosion protection profiles our customers also benefit competences from our expertise in tool mould making.

Our laminating devices are used especially when the production of large surface tools for the autoclave process is required. By means of a milled bath model an approx. 4 – 6 mm thick nickel shell is moulded galvanically and at the customers‘ request equipped with an individual rear frame.

And yet another plus: With our custom-made milling adapters, so-called DRJ’s (Drill Rooting Jigs), we can supply our customers with the complete process chain: ranging from the construction of bath models in accordance with customised data records to the galvanic production of laminating tools and the manufacture of DRJs for final machining of those components produced by laminating devices.

The production of additional tools that form part of the production process allows our customers to reduce their administrative and logistic costs and ensures a higher transparency with regard to process control.

For the construction of the DRJ’s we focus on the expansion of our cooperation with our long-standing partners from the model and mould making industry.

Laminating tools with seamless surface quality
Laminating tools with seamless surface quality