Laminating facilities and silicon covers

Besides the series production of erosion protection profiles our customers also benefit from our expertise in tool and mould making. Particularly if the manufacturing of large-scale tools for the autoclave process are required.

By means of a milled bath model an approx. 4 – 6 mm thick nickel shell is moulded galvanically and at the customers‘ request equipped with an individual rear end. For this we take charge of all the required production stages in-house and supply our customers ready-to-use laminating facilities with perfect surface quality – designed for short heating up times in the subsequent series process.

For more flexibility we manufacture the facilities in line with the customer’s requirement profile according to CAD data provided by the customer or designed by us. With the scan of the existing tools and subsequent surface reconstruction we can realise the milling as well, on the basis of the derived data – regardless which material (e.g. aluminium or INVAR) is used in the laminating tools. The manufacturing of our models is naturally also available as a contractual service.

Reusable silicon covers

Our silicon covers for laminating facilities are so-called vacuum covers which are an ecological and economical alternative to conventional vacuum foils. They are not only reusable many times over but they also save the necessary use of Tacky-Tape with vacuum foils and therefore cut the process time at the customer’s premises (foil
cutting unnecessary)

Laminating tools with seamless surface quality